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My passion is about abstract painting. I am fascinated by immersing myself into the world of colours, fantasies and forms. Into a world beyond the explainable, beyond reason, a world of the irrational, intuitive.

"It paints" out of an inner drive, according to my subjective aesthetic feeling. With the courage and risk of painting over and over a canvas until it fits, in order to make a statement in my own way.

I try to create a unity of polarities, opposites and contrasts in my paintings..

Living with art is a exhilarating exile for my soul, I live my dream!


About me

Early in my life I developed an affinity for aesthetics - beautiful clothes, stylish furniture, especially modern art. When I visited a museum of contemporary art, I always had a kind of feeling of happiness, satisfaction, admiration. Over time, the latent desire to create art myself became stronger and stronger.

After my retirement I rented a studio as a place of retreat and meditation, and started painting with acrylic on canvas.

Looking for perfection, I took courses with established artists to gain additional impetus in colour theory and technique, without allowing myself to be restricted by a predetermined style.



Each work is the end product of a creative process that has gone through different stages - accompanied by failure, disappointment, despair, doubt, intoxicating moments - until it has led to this result. I can influence this process - through knowledge, experience, aesthetic instinct - but never the result. This is and remains a gift. What we can do is, prepare ourselves to recognize and accept it, when it is given to us.


 Abstraction feeds my soul!


The technique consists of a film-over-film-mixingtechnique with acrylic on canvas and a lot of other usual and unusual tools.

painting techniques
rock arch in the sea


Going through life with open eyes and ears gives me also ideas for pictures.

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